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Things You Didn’t Know About Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos has his own claim to fame from the successes his business ventures have had in his lifetime, most specifically the creation and success of Amazon. Amazon is a widely known and used shopping platform for online shoppers to have access to a variety of goods and for sellers to provide customers with a quick and easy way to get their products. 

Bezos has been running this company for many years as it grew to the status it is at now, and that has drawn attention both to Amazon as a company and Bezos as a person. If you’re one of the individuals that have become interested in Jeff Bezos for some reason or another, here are some interesting things you probably didn’t know about Jeff Bezos.

Tumultuous Birth

As some sources have dug around learning about Bezos’ early life, they learned a lot of interesting information about Bezos’ mother and his own birth and very early life. It turns out his mother Jacklyn was pregnant with Jeff at the age of 17 and was barely allowed to graduate by her high school under strict guidelines due to it. She then fell out of marriage and into divorce with his birth father when Jeff was only a year old, and struggled heavily to make ends meet.

Jacklyn finally was able to fight her way into college classes to better the two’s lives and met Mike Bezos there who stepped in to be Jeff’s father and gave his last name as well.

Long History Of Tinkering

It turns out that as with many other kids that grow up to success, Bezos had special interests in how things work as a child. He supposedly even took his own crib apart when he was a toddler and didn’t want to sleep in it anymore, and that was just the beginning. Jeff had many run ins with engineering and science love growing up and even made the family garage his place to experiment with such ideas.

Quick Climb

While many people spend their life doing less meaningful jobs or projects before finding their calling or finding what makes them successful, it seems evident through Jeff’s childhood and teenage years that he was always heading on this track. Even though Bezos did have a normal teenage job working at a McDonald’s for some time, he started a small business with his girlfriend at the time when he was only in high school. 

They actually created a small summer camp based on education that was run by the two teens and charged a whopping $600 per kid that came. This was one of the first ventures on the road to his major business of Amazon.

Amazon’s Almost Name

Amazon was meant to be named “Cadabra” in its early stages because Jeff liked the more whimsical sounding name option. He was advised not to by Amazon’s early stage lawyer who thought the name sounded too similar to the word cadaver.

Amazon ended up being a good compromise, which was named in honor of the large rainforest since Bezos thought Amazon would be the largest bookstore in the world.

Just like plenty of other rich people and celebrity faces, Bezos has a lot more to him and his history than meets the eye which can be quite interesting to learn for both fans and interested parties of all types. Whether you believe learning successful people’s thoughts and routines will lead you closer to the same fate for yourself, have a particular investment interest in Amazon as a company and its founder, or just like adding some unique facts to your knowledge this list has hopefully been able to provide satisfactory results today for your purpose. 

There’s always more to learn about someone when you’re looking into their past, but these are some of the least known and more interesting facts about Jeff Bezos that are out there.

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