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Most Famous Beaches In The World

Beaches are a great place to relax, explore, swim, spend time in the sun, and overall enjoy for individuals and families of all types. Whether you’re traveling to a local beach, a special spot, or going further for a more reputable or well-known shoreline; there are plenty of ones out there to find. And depending on how far you want to travel, you can find plenty of different sands, water appearances, climates, local attractions, wildlife, and more. 

Here are some of the most famous beaches in the world to give you some travel inspiration if you love seeing new beaches.

Santa Monica Beach, California

Starting off with an American attraction, we have Santa Monica Beach in California. This beach hosts its own natural beauty as well as an ocean walk, bike trail, and pier equipped with plenty of carnival-type spots as well as a Ferris wheel. Overall, whether you just want the beach or you want some entertainment as well; you’ll find something at Santa Monica Beach.

Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Island, Australia

Whitehaven beach in Australia is part of the Great Barrier Reef national park and has its own protection and is over four miles long. The bright blue water mixed with the almost pure white sand makes for a gorgeous view from above and is found stunning by most tourists and even locals that see it often.

Renaissance Island, Aruba

If you book yourself a spot in the Renaissance Aruba Resort and Casino, you earn access to its own private man-made island featuring Aruba’s gorgeous waters as well as local flamingos that are so used to people you can vend some food from a quarter machine nearby and attract them. It’s definitely a unique experience, but the flamingo beach is only for adults so keep that in mind.

Navagio Beach, Zakynthos, Greece

Navagio beach has actually been a common place for commercial projects and other pieces of film and photos that we see fairly commonly. The little beach is beautiful and is located in a part of Greece called Zakynthos. You can get your own tour to the beach and also find plenty of interesting Greek sights and culture around the area.

The Baths, British Virgin Islands

Fans of photography and general lovers of nature’s wonder would enjoy The Baths. It’s said you can’t get a single bad photo in the place, and many people enjoy visiting here to see it. The baths refers to the cluster of volcanic in origin rock and boulder formations that create many different hidden alcoves, small water pools, and more.

If you’re planning on traveling in the near future or want to add some gorgeous and interesting beaches to your personal travel or bucket list, these are all perfectly good options. You can even research some more about the local attractions for these beaches to give you more things to do during a visit if it’s quite far from your home or if you want a full scale vacation type of visit to a beach. 

No matter how you use this information or what you’re looking for in beautiful beach spots, this list of the most famous world beaches can be useful and intriguing.

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